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Pilates Penticton
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Benefits of Classical Pilates:

  • Gets You Moving!
  • Improves Circulation
  • Builds Strength And Control For Your Whole Body
  • Improves Coordination And Balance
  • Improves Breath Awareness
  • Movement is important throughout our daily lives. It is recommended that we do forty-five minutes of physical exercise a day.
  • Remember, we want to still be able to tie our own shoes when we are 90!

In 10 Sessions You Will Feel The Difference
In 20 Sessions You Will See The Difference
In 30 Sessions You Will Have A Whole New Body

~ Joseph Pilates

Praise from clients:

New person afterwards

Your massages and cranio sessions are simply the best! It was amazing as always and I felt like a new person afterwards! The sauna after was just the perfect finish to this detoxifying treatment. Thank you sooo much for sharing your talents.